Keiran Bailey Triumphs at NAYCP Championships

Account of fight between Keiran Bailey and Vincent Holligan at the National Clubs for Young People Championships held on Sunday 28th October at Grange High School, Gorton, Manchester.

Keiran Bailey of Middleton Select ABC met Vincent Holligan of the Everton Red Triangle ABC in the 7th bout of the day. Both boxers started the first round by weighing each other up and throwing straight punch combinations both having success and this was a close fought round but Bailey seemed to just edge this round in the last 30 seconds.

Then in the second round Bailey upped the tempo and started to pressure Holligan and put him on his back foot at the start but Holligan was coming back at him counterpunching behind a tight guard, then Bailey started to hit the body which slowed Holligan down considerably. This was also a close fought round – hard to say who won it as it was very close.

When Bailey came back to the corner at the end of the second round he was told from his coach John Joyce that he must work hard in the third round to make sure he got the decision from the judges.

Then in the third and final round both boxers knew that they had to win this round to take the contest. Bailey came out like a raging bull throwing combinations both to the head and body and having a lot of success even though Holligan was trying to get his combinations off as well. Holligan didn’t seem to have anything left in the tank as he was hurt on numerous occasions throughout this round. He kept backing off as Bailey continued his rigorous onslaught to victory!

Bailey will now go on to box against the Tyne Tees champion Callum French who is the Great Britain youth number one. This will be on the 11th November and the venue is to be arranged. The coaches Martyn Lynch, John Joyce and Leander Simpson were all impressed with Bailey’s performance and hope he can progress to the national finals in the next few weeks.

Picture (left to right): Coach John Joyce, Keiran Bailey, Leander Simpson, Martyn Lynch.
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